Oldest Record Competition Entries

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Blondie – Parallel Lines

Like many, my introduction to music and records was through my parents. One of my friends had started collecting records and I liked the idea of having a tangible piece of music rather than a digital copy. So I went up to the attic and searched through the box of old records from my parents. I was immediately drawn to Blondie – Parallel Lines by Debbie Harry standing in her white dress among the men in black. This was to be my first record of many! Still love playing this one and it even migrated with me to Australia years later 🙂

Ray Peterson

While touring Australia on a 6 month acoustic tour, I came across a random record store in the middle of nowhere, either in Tasmania or Qld. I found the record in a cheap bin, and saw ‘Tell Laura I Love Her”, a song that my girlfriend’s late Grandfather used to play her as a baby. I bought the record, hid it, then gave it to her when I proposed to her.

Neil young harvest moon

Here’s my friend and I digging for our favourites in my record collection, all reasonably old. Many of them were given to me by my mum.

The Guess Who – Super Golden Goodies

We were given this album as a present at a Christmas/end of year party for our old swimming lesson club in about 1975. I was 5 years old and loved the songs. Nearly 50 years later and I still love listening to this album.

Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds

Christmas 1978, and without a lot of money, my parents decided that, in order to able to afford nice presents for their three young sons, they would buy this record for themselves as their joint and only present. It certainly received a lot of play over the years from all of us but despite the cover and booklet now looking worse for wear, the vinyl itself is immaculate.
Mum passed away in 2015 and Dad doesn’t really listen to records so I have very gladly inherited it. It’s not only my oldest record and still so enjoyable to listen to but also one of my most precious because it’s a reminder of my parents’ love and sacrifice.

Stevie Wonder’s Original Musiquarium 1

After buying an old record player system from some relatives off travelling, I couldn’t wait to hear my favourite musician Stevie Wonder playing on it. What a happy kid I was!

Cogli la prima mela by Angelo Branduardi or Destroyer by Kiss

The kiss vinyl was my mum’s when she was young and as a new adult, I got a record player for Christmas 2020 and stole all hers. Her collection is massive ranging from the sweet and sour tv show soundtrack to Michael Jackson. I love it.

Cogli la prima mela is the second record I ever bought after ABBA’s arrival. I’ve studied Italian since primary school and even went in exchange there pre COVID. I saw the title at a Lifeline book fair and instantly had to buy it.


This was the first record that I was ever given (by my parents). Given Benjamin Britten’s unhealthy preoccupation with little boys, the cover picture rather creeps me out in retrospect.

As a small child I enthusiastically chewed off part of the back cover. If you want, I can send you a photo of where on the cover my chewing occurred.

Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band (Printed in 1967)

My sister and I decided one day to go on a road trip down to Brisbane and go through every record store. Finding this beauty of a record was the highlight of that great day. Awesome band, awesome songs, and is really a must have. I was also delighted to find that its the original print from 1967! Not the rarest find for sure but a cool one at that

The Beatles – Revolver published 1966

In 2004, my very pregnant wife went through a “Beatles” phase. She dragged me to so many tribute bands, record fairs, even a Beatles festival in Adelaide that lasted 4 days! We must have seen hundreds of tribute acts in the space of a few days! I’m surprised I don’t hate the Beatles! But we came away with this gem that we still play often in our house.

Ella Fitzgerald -Songs in a mellow mood

I grew up in the time when CD’s reigned. In my early 20’s I decided to drive from Melbourne to Sydney to chase a girl I was interested in. I also wanted to stop at every town on the way and check out their op shops. I was mostly looking for vintage clothes, but in one town I stumbled across this record. I didn’t even own a record player, but I just knew I had to buy it.
A few years later I married the girl from Sydney, and in our first house we were given a vintage radiogram record player. The only record we had at the time was this Ella Fitzgerald record. We played it and slow danced together in the lounge room.
Now even more years later, with two kids, we have hundreds of records and our kids pick what records we listen to at dinner every night.