Oldest Record Competition Entries

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The Kinks (extended play)

My Grandad gave this to me when I started collecting vinyl about a year ago. He got it from his brother in law when the EP first came out (1968) cause the first track is called David Watts, which is my Grandad’s name

Trans-Electronic Music Productions, Inc. Presents: Switched-on Bach (1968)

I bought this beauty at a lifeline bookfest for about $5 not really knowing what I had. It sells new for $150usd so let’s just say even though it has some yellowing from when I bought it, It is well looked after on my record shelf. I do not have a record player at the moment but I hope to play it again soon.

The Waltzing Doll

My oldest record is “The Waltzing Doll “1928 and I would love seeing my grandfather put the record on and wind the gramophone up .
This record was one of my grandfathers favorites and he use to play it to me when I was a child and because I had lots of dolls I use to say dolls cannot dance but his story was that when I was asleep “Nipper” “His Masters Voice” dog would turn on the gramophone at night and all of my dolls would dance.
As a child I tried to stay awake and see if the dolls danced unfortunately, I never manage this, so I was never sure if that was true or not.
My grandfather died many years ago now and his huge collection of records was given to me..

Queen Live New Zealand release 1985

I was on holiday in NZ in 2018 and saw it at a market stall at a roadside market in a small rural town.
My wife convinced me to buy it. A little googling later and found out it’s super rare.

Dvorak’s Concerto For Cello And Orchestra by Pablo Casals, Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, George Szell ‎(conductor) – First release 1938 album of five 12″ 78rpm shellac discs (Recorded in Prague, April 1937)

In the early 90s Rice’s book store in Newcastle had an off-limits room out the back full of 78rpm discs. On finding out I had a working gramophone and had collected a few discs Rice’s proprietor, Lee, let me in to dig through the pile one day. I was familiar with Casals later works, and knew Dvorak’s cello concerto from another LP I owned. On finding this (complete with liner notes, and fully intact) I was gobsmacked. This is widely considered one of the greatest cello performances of all time. I also love that the origin of the word album can be seen here, as this is literally an ALBUM (like a photo album) of discs. This is also His Master’s Voice album #306, a very low number from such a legendary label. I acquired the same recording on CD years later, but honestly, the 78s still sound better.

AC/DC Back in Black Australian 1st Press

A few years ago I started collecting vinyl and I was browsing Facebook Market place. Someone from my town was selling it for $20! I couldnt believe my luck so I snapped it up as quick as I could, the cover isnt in the best shape but the record itself is still immacualte and plays amazing

ZZ Top Elimninator

From my Dads collection, this one had everyone moving in the 80’s and brings back goosebump level memories of dancing in loungeroom as a five year old. I now spin the same record to my kids 36 years later

1962 German pressing of the Elvis Presley ‘Return To Sender’ 7″

Like many, I grew up listening to my parents’ music collection. My dad was a massive Elvis fan, and had a pretty decent vinyl collection as well. First pressings of the older records, and what I really liked, a good selection of 7”. As a little kid, I wasn’t allowed to use his Marantz set up, but when I was 7, dad set up his old Garrard record player, so I could play his records myself. Obviously, proper instructions were needed. You don’t touch the grooves, just the edges and the labels, etc. For this ‘how to look after your records, and how to play them’ lesson, he used his ‘Return To Sender’ 7” from 1962. Put the record on the platter, select the speed, drop the needle, etc. We’ve all been taught this at some stage in our vinyl journey. He showed me how to do it, and then I had to do it all a few times, to get the tick of approval. Those first notes of the song ‘Return To Sender’, always remind me of that day. From that day on, I was ‘in control’ of what I was listening to, and absolutely loved it. Still do. Sadly, my dad is not with us anymore, but his ‘Return To Sender’ 7” is now part of my record collection, and I’m very proud to look after it for him. I have even told my kids the story of how to use the record player with this record.

‘Hair’ The musical

Begged my parents in the early 70’s for it . Realeased in 1968
I was only five or six at the time I got it
Still in good nick
Eventually saw the stage production several times and iterations – still love it.

Tears for Fears – Songs From The Big Chair

Look, 1985 isn’t the oldest record in this competition – we all know that. But it’s older than me, and my oldest record for sure.

Eleven years ago, one innocent Summer’s eve, my friends and I had the idea to make a Tears for Fears tribute video. The reasons are lost to history, but ‘Head Over Heels’ was our certified banger of 2010.

This ill-inspired project, a night’s laugh, turned into a four day recording marathon. It involved every costume in our wardrobe, every prop we could find, and every trick we’d learned in our years of high-school video production class. Plus a bucket of glow sticks, all our Guitar Hero instruments, and a very large water bill.

You can watch our ‘Tears for Fears – Head Over Heels’ tribute here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aV8YAjRmpJs

By the end, we couldn’t bear to listen to the song even one more time. It made a small but significant imprint in the YouTube musical tribute scene. Beat Lab Productions never did another tribute video, but it did spawn a backyard hip hop sensation, ‘The Beat Lab’.

As congratulations and punishment for hitting 10,000 views shortly after its launch, my brother, a certified audiophile and vinyl nerd, bought me a pristine copy of ‘Songs From The Big Chair’ – pictured here.

The irony is, I never had a record player to listen to it. Nor have I wanted to for the 11 years since making the video. But, that mint record is sitting there waiting for its first play. And after all these years, there’s enough water under the bridge, that I think I’d love to plug in a Yamaha Hi-Fi system and give it a spin.

‘The Monkees’ Vol 1

I went to the local news-agent with my Grandmother, who had given me some pocket money. I had seen the Monkees on the TV & really wanted a record by them. This was all I could afford. I still have it over 50 years later!