Oldest Record Competition Entries

Thank you for your entry!

The Beatles Greatest Hits Volume 1

A really good mate actually gave me this along with a whole heap of other fantastic vinyl’s. They were passed down from his parents but he’s never really been into music so he passed them onto me knowing I would take good care of them and appreciate them.

Gems from “The Maid of the Mountains” 1917

The record I am entering in the Yamaha Record Store Day competition was produced in 1917 by His Master’s Voice and is a collection of songs from the Light Opera Company. As the sticker on the label suggests it was bought from Eddy’s – a music store that was founded in Adelaide in 1924, at 12 and 244 Rundle St. Besides records, the store also sold gramaphones, wireless sets and their own ‘Eddyola’ brand radios and pianos. I don’t imagine too many record stores put their own ‘gold seal’ on records these days. It’s fun to see the ‘new models’ of gramophones on the cover too. I wonder how they operated with ‘no tone arm’?

This particular record along with many other 78’s belonged to my grandfather who would have been in his late 20’s when he bought it. I am going to give it to my oldest son who loves music and has a great record collection himself. Although this old 78 is not typical of the genre he would collect it’s nice to hand something down that has been in the family just shy of 100 years. Sadly its hard to find a record player that is capable of playing the old 78’s now, but it’s nice to think it might be played again one day.

Sesame Street Fever (1978)

Ok – this is definitely not one for the audiophiles, but definitely my ‘first’!

Growing up in the 80’s (regional QLD – poor radio reception), my parents had a pretty decent vinyl collection, Beatles, Seekers, Beach Boys – you get the drift. From the time I was tall enough to reach the player, I was shown how to play them (and reset the needle as soon as it finished playing)…

So as you can imagine, this record went ‘missing’ quite often (much to my despair)!

Unfortunately as vinyl was being ‘superseded’ with CDs at that time, they ended up getting rid of most of their collection, but since this ‘missing’ album was tucked away (in the depths of the wardrobe never to be found by disgruntled 4 year old), it was ‘found’ many years later while moving!

Now I’m wondering if those presents of Wiggles albums and musical instruments for my kids were to encourage their love of music… or payback?

Bill Harkin – “Begin the Beguine” and “This Love of Mine”

This record was inherited from my grandfather, Bill Harkin. He was a crooner who used to sing on Melbourne radio in the 1940’s, was often a participant in the local singing competitions, and would sing at nightclubs. I would love to give the gift of Pa’s voice to my family through playing this record.

The Beatles Collection 1978

Finally found a complete Boxset in good knick at Rocking Horse Records. Bought due to my love of The Beatles, but also to mirror the copy my mum received for her 21st birthday back in 1978 and still owns to this day!

Plastic 33 1/3 story records from educational books in the 50’s and 60’s

My mum had these books in the 1950’s and 60’s and they each came with a little coloured see through record in the back. They are really flimsy but played perfectly! They got passed down to me and were probably the most useful source of information I ever had to complete school projects with. Who would have thought such tiny records could hold such valuable information. Everything I learned about the United Nations and Abraham Lincoln came from these little coloured beauties!

Genesis Selling England by the Pound 1973

My oldest record is Selling England by the Pound from Genesis. My copy is the 1973 German pressing. This album is also the only surviving vinyl from my first record collection in the 1970-80’s. I sold all my vinyls in the 90’s when CD was all the rage. Now I’m buying most of them back!
For some reason I sold this Genesis album to a friend in the late 70’s as I was more into heavier rock back then. You know, the holy trinity of Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath.
A few years back I visited my old friend and he still had the Genesis record! He said that he still owed me some money for it. I had no recollection of the deal what so ever!
To my surprise he said that he’d give me the record to settle his 40 year debt. I was over the moon! You see, my father bought this record for me during our trip to Helsinki in 1973 so it has huge sentimental value as well. I was 13 back then, now 60.
So, SEBTP is my oldest record, and my most beloved one because it is the only one that I have now owned twice. It is also a lovely reminder of my father. I will never sell it again! /Kris

Icehouse – Man of Colours

A good friend of mine knew that my favourite song was icehouse man of colours. Will even spoken about funeral songs even though it was a bit morbid I did mention I love the song man of colours and would have it played at my funeral which I hope isn’t for another 50 or 60 years. Hey Mum Tracy had worked for Sony music back in the day and after my friend spoke to her mum she said that she had a signed copy of icehouse man of colours. The next time I visited I was presented with my first and my special album. Thank you to my friend Dani and her mum Tracy

Wings – Back to the egg

I picked up this classic from my local record shop , vinyl squeeze. I was very excited to find this little Gem in the just arrived section. Wings reminds me of my dad and endless summer days . When I listen to this album I find my self back in 1979. Sounds so crisp and timeless.

Vader Abraham im Land der Schlumpfe (land of smurfs)

Growing up my fiance and his siblings loved listening to old records. Their Aunty visited from Germany and brought them a record of Vader Abraham singing with The Smurfs! It became the most played record in the house!