Oldest Record Competition Entries

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Moon Earth Record

Inherited this one from my late in-laws.
Distinctive due to its (Chinese) Red colour.
I don’t know Chinese but seems to be a ballroom dancing record – the limited English lists tracks “Slow Rock”, “Swingo”, “Cha Cha”, “Tango”, “Slow Rumba”.
I guess they took dancing lessons and their Chinese teacher gave them this record to practise.
No idea what it sounds like – my wife has never heard it and we don’t have a record player.
I guess if we win a turntable we could find out 🙂

Daryl and Ossie off TV and on record

I could lie and say the very first albums I bought were something cool like ‘The Sweet’ or ‘AC/DC’, but no, a daggy kid from the Yarra Valley in mid 70s goes out and buys Daryl and Ossie… hey, I was about ten years old and hopefully my choices have become more discerning since! And a nod to Murray the SFX guy and funny voices by John Blackman, I thought it was all so funny as a kid.

The first two Paul Kelly and the Dots albums

Remember when you could buy a vinyl album for $14 at Brash’s? I got into PK when EON-FM played ‘Billy Baxter’ and then when Post came out I went and bought all the albums including the the ‘Dots’ albums that PK now disowns and you can’t get for love or money.

Hoodoo Gurus Mars Needs Guitars 1985

I arrived in Australia in late 1989. The first Australia band I really got into was the Hoodoo Gurus, and the first Australian vinyl I bought. Great title and album cover just stuck out. OK I could have bought the CD, and I had to wait 12 months for my turntable to turn up to play it, but vinyl just sounds better!

Traveling Wilburys (vol 1)

My parents owned this on CD and I loved it as I child, but I was so young I didn’t understand the liner notes (which I read over and over) were a joke. I really, honestly believed the Wilburys were brothers who started by travelling to the end of their block, etc. I saw this record for sale when I was a little older (and hopefully cooler) and looking at the cover it suddenly hit me… wait a minute, that’s Tom Petty! Roy Orbison! Bob Dylan! George Harrison! Is that Jeff Lynne? (The sound of this vinyl record of the greatest “supergroup” of all time has *almost* made up for my embarrassment about somehow not realising as a kid that the Wilburys were a bunch of my musical heroes all along… almost!)

LKJ Forces of Victory 1979

Linton Kwesi Johnson’s Forces of Victory inspired a love of reggae and set me off on a new musical direction. A young university student living away from home, I had been ardent rock fan. And then a new friend played me some reggae. And that was it for next 4 years, LKJ, Bob Marley, Augustus Pablo, Sly & Robbie, Black Uhuru, never left my turn table. The ultimate night was seeing LKJ live at the Brixton Academy. Can’t believe LKJ’s Forces of Victory release is now 42 years old. Still as fresh as ever.

International Rescue 1966

This is the very first record I owned. And I won it in a comic book competition aged 6. Back in the 60’s, before tapes & video’s, now I didn’t have to wait for Friday tea time for the excitement of Thunderbirds are Go. The series might have been rebooted but the original is best (c:

Rick Astley’s album “Whenever You Need Somebody” 1987

Rick Astley’s album “Whenever You Need Somebody” 1987
Bought this in first year uni and played it incessantly throughout my undergraduate days much to my family’s annoyance.
At home wasn’t enough – taped it and played it in the car.
Has sat idle for years since we no longer have a record player nor car cassette player.
How did we go against the chorus of the best track on this album?

Never gonna give you up – yes, still got you 34 years later
Never gonna let you down – oops shouldn’t have left you on the garage floor
Never gonna run around and desert you – and the garage floor is subject to flooding
Never gonna make you cry – sorry you might have wept or is that just rainwater?
Never gonna say goodbye – not yet but if we win a turntable we might play you again
Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you – to tell you the truth the cover is now quite warped through years of neglect but great memories of the 80s.

Shostakovich symphony number 5

Scored it after an epic day of thrift shopping, also managed to find an Elton John caribou album. Gotta love a bit of history!

Country Bear Jamboree

Found this record on ebay and had to get it as when I was younger I went to disneyland with my family and my Dad would rave on about this silly little show of country bears, but it was such a great time we had together.