Oldest Record Competition Entries

Thank you for your entry!

Gilbert & Sullivan – Mikato Boxset (1936)

This box set of shellac records was gifted to me by my now mother-in-law who rescued them from being thrown away while cleaning out her father’s house after he had passed away. She knew I collected records and thought they might be something that I would like, or even something that I could sell and make some money from. I was honestly blown away that she thought of me at the time, and even though unfortunately a few of them are broken, and the case is water damaged, they are still one of the more interesting pieces in my collection and not something that I’d ever consider selling.

Jack white Lazaretto

My big brother brought me this record when I was still a teenager. It’s got this awesome hidden holographic figure that shows up when you shine a light on it when it’s playing. You can just see it in this photo… big brothers build our music tastes I know I’ve learnt so much about music from mine.

Italian Hits 101 Strings 1961

I remember this vinyl from my grandparents collection. Even then I thought the ladies on the cover looked super cool, and now I give this the occasional nostalgic spin in memory of my Grandmother.

In the Court of the Crimson King

I was about 16 years old, and was allowed by my parents to go on a day trip alone all the way to the Camberwell Market (about a 1.5hr public transport trip) to go record shopping. After walking around the market in the pouring rain for an hour, I finally came across this gem, which the seller was happy to let go for $3 just because the cardboard outter sleeve was missing. 16 year old me was ecstatic about the steal i just got, cleaned it up and played in nonstop for the next 3 months.

50 Happy Years of Disney Favorites

This album has been passed down from my Grandmother to Mum and now to me.
As the title suggests it contains the classic songs from 50 years of Disney movies most of which I’ve seen and enjoyed.
Who doesn’t love “Heigh Ho” from Snow White or “Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo” from Cinderella?
It’s almost been another 50 years since it came out and the songs are still fantastic though the record itself hasn’t done so well rotting away in the garage.

Mexican Pizza – Pepe Jaramillo and his Latin-America Rhythm

This is a 1963 album which belonged to my late grandmother.
According to mum my sisters and I used to love dancing to this when we were toddlers.
She’d take us to grandma’s house, we’d dress up in scarves and start improvising our own dances to these Latin classics like “Quando, Quando, Quando” and “Volare”.
Only problem with the old records was if we started jumping around too much the needle would jump and skip.
Dad found this album on YouTube – can’t say I remember the music decades later.
My musical tastes have moved on and I’m now into K-pop but great memories for my mum.

The war of the worlds (1978)

I inherited it from an uncle but not before his old golden retriever took a massive bite out of it. It’s an absolute classic and it’s really cool to have a vinyl like this.

Turn back the hands of time

Seems like an appropriate title for this collection of oldest records.
This album belonged to my late grandparents.
It was released in 1972 and seems to be a compilation of tracks from the 1950s.
The title track “Turn back the hands of time” is by Eddie Fisher who I only know as Princess Leia’s (Carrie Fisher) father.
My mum remembers listening to this as a little girl – they’d play this in the morning before she went to school.
Mum remembers the track “Tammy” – perhaps subconsciously that’s why I’m called Tammy.
“Tammy” was played by the Ames Brothers for this album but was originally a hit for Debbie Reynolds who was Princess Leia’s mother 🙂

The Beatles – The Early Beatles

Once I started collecting, a neighbour asked if I’d like to pick some from his collection, which had been stored, unplayed, for 30+ years. Of course I happily went and saved some, like this old beauty from 1965. Obviously the cover has seen better days but the vinyl itself is still what I’d call “near mint”. Plays great! Just one of the reasons I love vinyl records – they tell a story in more ways than one.

Let it Bleed

I picked it up from an old record store. It was an original pressing.