Oldest Record Competition Entries

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The Beatles Help 1965

This LP belonged to my dad who purchased it new as a young fan.
It’s a genuine ‘65 English release, so it’s 5 years older than me and still plays a treat. It immigrated to Australia (Adelaide) with us in 1978 and then to Melbourne in 1988, so it’s well travelled.
I remember staring at the cover as a kid, I didn’t know who they were or what they were doing but I loved it.
Special treasure…it’s the home of Ticket to Ride for a start!!!

The Madonna ‘Express Yourself’ single Vinyl

So this vinyl belonged to my mother who was a huge Madonna fan. She had bought this vinyl when she was younger and saw Madonna live for the Blond Ambition tour in Europe 1990. She then gave the vinyl to me as a gift when I was younger and when I first heard the song I immediately became a huge Madonna fan.

Pink Floyd – Nordestar

This is a bootleg of Dark Side of the Moon recorded at the Rainbow Theatre in London in 1972 (before the album’s release). I got it off a trusted Facebook friend who I haven’t met in person but who often has desirable records up for grabs. I’m thankful to own this rare piece of history.

Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven – Godspeed You! Black Emperor

I was adventuring around Sydney with a friend after we had played a football match, I scored a crazy goal and won us the game so I felt tempted to go to a record store to just browse around. On our way to the record store we walk past an anti-covid parade! The people in these parades were so deluded they had no clue what they were fighting against, some didn’t believe the virus was real, others thought the virus was over magnified by media and others just didn’t like masks. When we enter the store I flick through the catalogue and to my amazement I find the crown jewel at the very back of the post-rock vinyl section. Was an awesome day, thanks for letting me relive this moment in my life!

The Beatles 1969

Rummaging through a pile of my grandparents old records in the garage looking for the oldest one I spotted 1633.
Sadly that’s not the date.
Still 1969 is pretty old isn’t it? These 4 hairy guys seemed to be pretty popular back in those days 🙂
Just kidding – I actually know the Beatles music well and love to play their songs on piano.
Sadly we don’t have a record player to play this – not sure it would work anyway with the water damage.
As they say Ob-la-di Ob-la-da life goes on…

Danny Kaye – Hans Christian Andersen

This is the sound track from the 1952 musical film of the same name.
This copy belonged to my late mother-in-law. My wife has fond memories of watching the movie with her mum and singing along to the songs.
Sadly we haven’t really looked after this album and it got somewhat water damaged in the garage – now more of an ugly duckling or little mermaid.

Rocka Rolla – Judas Priest09

This record isn’t the oldest but being 20 I had just starting collecting. I bought another judas priest album off a older man in his 70s and immediately we became friends and ended up talking for around an hour about record with him showing me his rarest in his collection. Just before I left I told him about the record (In case he sees a Copy) and he immediately got excited showing me to his cupboard in the corner of the house he opened it up and showed me the record as well as a signed tour booklet and surprisingly decided to give it too me saying that I needed something special to start off my collection. Easily my best moment collecting vinyls

John Coltrane / A Love Supreme 1965

Around 2008 I was flicking through a box of Jazz records at a record fair in Perth. I found this beauty. Arguably one of the most important and best jazz record ever made. This pressing is the His Masters Voice CLP 1869 CSD 1605 – Mono UK version. Recorded December 9th 1964 and released in 1965. I bought it for $50 that day, which at the time was a lot more than I wanted to spend. It now goes for $400 plus so I’m glad I did! It’s such an amazing record. It’s one of the oldest in my collection and gives me a huge amount of joy to both listen to and own.

Love Songs Italiane – Tony Romano

This Tony Romano album belonged to my grandparents – they would have got it in the 1950s.
It was going to try and play some of this music on piano for Ferragosto – something like Funiculi, Funicula would go down well with Italian audience.
Unfortunately that Italian festival in Five Dock Sydney has been cancelled for 2021 so we’ll see if I get a chance next year.

No Fun Aloud – Glenn Frey

I won a music trivia contest on local ABC radio so I got to come into the radio station to help clean out what old vinyl they had left. (A long campaign) Because the ABC pens didn’t really appeal to me so I chose this post Eagles LP by Glenn Frey. To remind me of the time I met him in 2009 in Brisbane and the private conversation we had. He was a really nice guy. And I liked the expression “No Fun Aloud” RIP Glenn Frey