Oldest Record Competition Entries

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Part of my old uncle’s collection I inherited RIP the legend

Desolation Boulevard – Sweet

My late grandmother bough it for me in 1975 when I was an obsessed 8 year old into Sweet. I guess she was sick of me whinging about it every time we went passed the local Brashs store.
I played it once on her Thorn record player and was never allowed to play it agin in her presence – not her type of music 🙂

The Monkees, EP Volume 2 from 1966

My brother, John, bought this EP in 1966. He was eleven and this was his first ever record. I was only six and thought he was so cool and grown up to have actually bought his very own record. And, of course, we were all watching The Monkees on TV so that made it even better.
The stickers came from the bubble gum that we used to buy and when I look at the record and the stickers they remind me of the simple and happy lives we lived as children back in the sixties.
Somehow I “inherited” all the family’s Singles and EPs – a lucky break at last for the youngest child!

Sylvester – Step II (1978)

My best housemate gifted this to me after a mutual love for Sylvester developed during the National lockdown last year. Ever since it’s become the soundtrack to our share-house and is on constant rotation.

Smokie-Midnight Café

I got it on a school trip when I was in year 9. I really loved the song “somethings been making me blue” and this album was the one it was released on so when I saw it in a record shop discounted for $10 I had to get it. I didn’t even have a player at this point. It was the first one I ever bought and coincidentally my oldest. It sparked a passion that’s grown into a decent sized collection.

The Genius of Ray Charles 1959

I’ll have to withdraw my other entry (Wes Montgomery) as my oldest record. Again from my dad’s record collection, an original 1959 copy of The Genius of Ray Charles. The sleeve is showing a bit of wear but the vinyl is in pristine condition. Coincidently the album is on the essential play list on Apple Music. But no I think I’ll stick with the vinyl as it sounds so much better. Something to dance around the house this Sunday morning (c:

Frank Sinatra Songs For Swinging Lovers

Found it in a vintage store in my home town among a pile of my grandfathers old records that were sold to them when he passed away. Felt wrong not to bring it home again.

Ellington Uptown by Duke Ellington

On my birthday two years ago, i went to a few second hand stores in search of records. On entry into the first, i realised it was just clothes. Just in case, i asked the punk rock lady at the counter if they had any records. Turns out they had three full crates in the back, but nobody had ever asked. It was mostly church hymns and bad pop music, but I still came away with the attached record and one by Fats Domino.

Ferry Boat Shuffle

A charity single to commemorate the Tasman Bridge disaster in the 70s. Bought for me as a birthday present by my mum as she used to sing it to me all the time.

Slade Alive

This was my dad’s favourite album growing up. He lost it in a move but years later I found a copy digging in a garage sale. He doesn’t have a record player anymore but comes around and puts it on from time to time.

Robert Johnson the King of Delta blues

This is the first record I ever bought back in 2017. I didn’t know who Robert Johnson was, but it was one of the few records left at the garage sale after the pickers had gone through them and I just wanted something to play on the turntable I just bought.
It turned out to be the perfect first purchase as the old hotel room recordings from 1936 gave a really authentic musical experience and also led me to discover a very influencial artist in blues history! It’s not worth much but I’ll never sell it!