Oldest Record Competition Entries

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Shirley Bassey

When mum and I first came to Australia, I saw mum working hard to provide us with the best opportunities in life. I remember her taking me to the markets and picking up this Shirley Bassey record. We instantly fell in love with her voice, her strength and her relatabilty. She was a single mother of mixed race and she showed us what a strong and determined woman can achieve. I still love listening to this record because it brings back the previous memories of my mum. ❤️

rolling stones big hits: high tides and green grass

My uncle had a huge “amazing!” record collection from 70’s-80’s but unfortunately heaps got waterlogged and damaged in the NSW floods. We spent many afternoons going through the records as I loved looking at all the record cover art growing up. We salvaged what we could, and as a token of appreciation for helping clean up he gave me this Rolling Stones record (one I really had my eye on growing up). It was up in a case higher in storage and in good condition. I love the pictorial of the stones attached to the record. Its so freakin’ cool . The stones live on another day.


In 1969 I was 11 years old and ready to enter high school the following year. My older brother was already in high school of course and I looked up to him for all sorts of advice. One of those things was music advice and he gave me this record and said this was the coolest record of the year. He was right, I still play it but sadly don’t have my older brother any more.

Sting. We Dream of the blue turtles

I’m an avid collector of special records. Mainly modern. This one is very special to me as my parents played this growing up. I finally found the blue version to spin. It’s got incredible sound.

1982 with a bullet

I was 11 years old when I got this. Always loved the daggy old compilation albums as you could listen to all those songs that you loved on the radio. I think I either got it for my birthday or Christmas…always my favourite present to get…the gift of music. Still love so many of these songs!
Now my 17 year old son loves listening to and buying vinyl and I’ve rediscovered my love for records again! We share a love for going to record fairs together and finding some treasures. I would really love to win the prize for him so he could enjoy them even more.

King Crimson’s ‘Islands’, first New Zealand pressing 1972.

I’m fairly new to record collecting, but I was able to pick up this at my first record fair. Before I went, I spotted this record on a FaceBook post from a bender that was attending. It caught my eye as it was a record I had been looking for, for a decent price. When I saw it was only $20 I got pretty excited. While at the fair, this vendor was by far the busiest. I was beyond happy when I found it and my Mum ended up buying it for me as a congratulations on my school report.
While listening to it at home I began researching the product numbers on it as I was curious how old it was. It is now by far the oldest vinyl in my collection, and, in my opinion, way more valuable than a recent $70 pressing.

It’s a Beethoven 1952 Australia press which is the first year we started to use LP microgroove tech

I’ve always been a massive fan of early music even though I’m only 22 years old! I saw some person at the markets here in Newcastle selling a bunch of old LPs and I was in awe! I ended up giving them 100 for about 20 even though he was only asking for a dollar each! I walked away with a bunch of classical but also some late 50s Edith Piaf and even a super early fats Domino. Has to be one of the most memorable finds.

Black Sabbath – Paranoid

My ex bought me my record player with this record. Happy to have her out of my life and happier to have the record still in it!

Supercharged Hits

OK, so it’s not the oldest in my collection, but wait, read on. It was the first 33 and 1/3 to make it onto the farm…where it was put on display on the mantlepiece. My eldest brother bought it in 1970 when I was only four. I spotted this copy in Vinnies a few years ago, and did not hesitate to spend the dollar to own it. (My own first purchase was CCR’s 20 Golden Greats, and although many years of the likes of Duran Duran, Simple Minds, and The Cure followed, I’m still proud of that first purchase)

Carol King – Tapestry

This classic is close to my heart …. Handed down to me by my mother and one day I will hand to my daughter… passed down through a generation of strong women ❤️