Oldest Record Competition Entries

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Bloody Tourists 10cc

Turned my radio on just as a song called Ca plane pour moi was on. When the song finished the Dj said “you have just heard Dreadlock Holiday” So I went and purchased the album. I listened to the entire album waiting for ca plane pour moi, although I wasn’t disappointed with my purchase, great album.

Abba / Arrival 1976


I have an extensive range of vinyl. My first purchase with the generosity of my Mother’s expansive purse strings (and a little coercion) was ABBA®’s fourth studio album ‘Arrival’ back in October 1976 (RCA Victor, VPL1-4034).

This recording was a sumptuous aesthetic journey and ‘gesamtkunstwerk’ (total-work-of-art) in sound, design and packaging. Even today I have listened to it and my enjoyment is heightened by its purity and melodic prowess; complete with the “inverted-B” copyrighted ABBA® logo in a (News Gothic) sans serif font. This led to my everlasting connection to purchasing music on vinyl and curating a large archival collection. Unfortunately it has taken a good percentage of my income over the years and restricted my worldwide travel plans.

Sadly the original first pressing went missing from an over zealous and misguided art-school colleague that thought ABBA® was a “kitsch” proposition in 1987. You know who you are Kylie. I brought the 40th Anniversary Edition (Abbey Road Studios, Half-Speed Remaster, 2LP, Polar, 4794565) in all it’s aeronautical jumpsuit gatefold replica sleeve glory in 2016. One of things that made it so special is that it’s cover and interior told a story of ABBA® in full-flight. My next destination (purchase) would see me traverse to the southern German city and “creative hub of Europe” Munich, where Giorgio Moroder’s Eurodisco synchronisations would drastically alter the direction in sound design for future generations, but that’s another story. To be continued.

Rating: Five Stars. The dark masterpiece of the album was the ultimate underground ABBA® track; the haunting ‘Arrival’. One for the intellectuals. Nordic-cool. Archie

Harry Styles – Fine Line

I had never owned any records or a record player before but I had always really wanted one. Then one day at a jb hi fi my brother pointed out this vinyl and Harry Styles is my absolute favourite artist so I impulsively bought it with a cheap suitcase turntable

Guns N Raoses – Appetite for Destruction

This was the first record I bought with my own money (not the oldest record I own but one that’s been with me the longest). I was 13 and I bought it from Dales Music, in Tenby, Wales, where I grew up. I love the fact that it’s got the original cover art (I got it early on its release). From that day on, I would go in Dales and ask Laurie Dale and Richie all sorts of music questions and bought all my vinyl there in those teenage years, before I left for University. Dales music has been operating in the town since the late 1940s, and Laurie has worked been there ever since he was a young boy, helping his dad. Now he owns it and is over 90 years old, still there, in the shop that’s almost 75 years old. Richie, the manager, is still there as well – unbelievable! It’s great knowing I bought from an independent retailer all those years ago, and they’re still there. The store features in the doco Last Shop Standing, and the book Vinyl Revival and the shops that made it happen. This record has travelled with me from Wales, to London, Madrid, and now Sydney. So many memories and stories when I pull this one out – plus, it’s one of the best debut records I own!

Dinner music for people who aren’t very hungry

I used to spend time at a record shop mostly talking to the owner and rummaging through for anything interesting or on my list of things to find. I’d ended up finding a copy of a kate bush compilation and Alchemy by dire straits and thought I’d pick out one more just to close it out, ended up finding this hi fi testing record that looked quirky. It’s not very musical but its a good way to kill time haha, the original us pressing was in 1957, this is from the first run of pressings in Sydney but I’m not able to find an exact year

Patti Page – Manhattan Tower

I bought this record with my mum years ago from an op shop. It was back when you could buy records dirt cheap because nobody wanted them.
We’d been given a turntable from my aunt and I’d decided to start collecting records for fun.
Our cat Prudence loved listening to Manhattan Tower. She’d come into the room and sit on top of the plastic turntable lid whenever music she liked was playing.
We don’t have a turntable right now but hope to get one soon so the cat can enjoy her favourite songs again.

Last Young Renegade by All Time Low

The first record I got. My best friend got my wife and I a record player for our wedding present and despite us both having very different musical taste, we really like this album/band so it seemed like a good place to start.

“Coffy” Composed and Performed by Roy Ayers

I was happy to find “Coffy” Composed and Performed by Roy Ayers which, is my oldest record awhile I was digging vinyls in Brunswick back in 2018. I saw the new record cover and instantly knew I had to purchase.
I took the “Coffy” record to my spot, opened the packaging and dropped the needle to hear music so so jazzy and sounded so nice that instantly I fall in love.

Later, that month I was surfing the web to see the living Legend Roy Ayers was booked to perform at Birds Basement and I knew I had to grab tickets to see this performance so, I did.
On the night of the performance, I arrived with my vinyl and their he was coming on stage and spoke “Hello” to everyone… followed by a smile and a sense of humour. I enjoy every bite of the show and the performance of his traveling band!

Afterward, I rushed over to speak with the drummer and asked if Roy can sign my record. He said: “yes” and took me to meet Roy. There he sat resting in the band’s room. He stood and shake my hand , sign my record and posed for a photo with me.

I thought Wow…what a Great Experience!

Sherbet – Caught in the act live 1977

I got this Sherbet record from my dad Steven who use to work at Festival records in the early-mid 80’s. He use to meet a lot of famous musicians when he worked there and still has a lot of records stashed away.

The Dells – One Step Closer

RSD 2019! One of the local shops had a backyard party with heaps of boxes with old vinyl, all $5-10 so I grabbed a whole bunch and this was the oldest I found I really wanted! Love it!

The Beatles Greatest Hits Volume 1

i’m not entirely sure on how old this vinyl is but my grandmother bought sometime in the mid to late sixties. since she’s passed on, i decided to take it since i’m the biggest beatles fan in our family. even though i’m only fourteen, this vinyl curved my music taste and interests incredibly and is probably the most important thing i own.