Oldest Record Competition Entries

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Bat out of Hell

My father gave it to me, on my 18th birthday. He kept it original from the year of my birth 1977. Still sounds awesome.


Was one of my uncle’s first records he gave to me when I got my first record deck


i really like music

Walt Disney Presents the Story and Songs og The Jungle Book

My father had this in his collection and I used to listen to it and read along with the story as a very young kid, it has all the classics on it to sing along with and the inside gatefold is the story/ picture book. I was lucky enough that my Dad keeps his record collection in pretty good condition and I have been able to add it to my collection so I can play it for my children.

Cream – Disraeli Gears

Cream Disraeli Gears, the oldest record I own,
Ryan’s Collection is where it finally found it’s home,
Everyday I would search the racks for this amazing record,
At long last I could listen to Eric (Clapton) play that amazing chord (E7),
My local record store, is who I have to thank – even though they make me break my bank.

Telling your boy the truth

Like a lot of my generation, my collection started with raiding my parent’s records. Among them was this gem, I reckon it was my dad’s first too. It made for a lot of laughs with mates back in the day

Star Wars Soundtrack

Just a lucky op shop find many years ago as I loved Star Wars (still not even sure why I was browsing vinyl as I didn’t own a record player), even contained the original poster!

Don Byrd / Gigi Gryce – Jazz Lab

This was a super random find in a record store in Toronto. A snowy day I stumbled across a little record store downtown & got flicking through the second hand crates. I gave it a quick listen & it just seemed to match the blizzard outside perfectly. I couldn’t not buy.

Fong Fei Fei – Collection of Fujian Songs

My aunt in Singapore found out that I bought a record player here in Melbourne, and as a surprise, gifted me her old collection of records that she still kept from 50 years ago. This is one of the oldest ones, and still has the lyric sheet inside! It’s a record of a famous Taiwanese singer Fong Fei-fei.

Natural High, Commodores

My Dad has great taste in music. This was part of his funky collection. This album inspired me to become a musician and introduced me to the world of funk music. …..and yes I have this copy still in my possession today along with many more classic albums. My daughter now has her own classic vinyl collection and this album will some day be part of hers too!