Oldest Record Competition Entries

Thank you for your entry!

Depeche Mode “Personal Jesus” on 12 inch Blue Vinyl

Depeche Mode “Personal Jesus” on 12 inch Blue Vinyl.. I bought it on Record Store Day 1990 when I was 15. I had enough money to buy 3 albums but spent all of my cash on this blue baby! And last year it celebrated its 30th birthday and still sounds fantastic!

1970 – Credence Clearwater Revival – Cosmos Factory

I got this one from my local record shop in Coburg on a trip out to pick up some new records and books. This is the oldest record historically in my collection and one I love throwing on to bring the vibe up and take me away. With everything that has been going on in VIC with the last 18 months and living by myself this music has been a great escape and this album just takes you away!


It was my dad’s album. Growing up my best friend’s family would come over for dinner and when our dad’s were a bit worse for the wear, we all used to grab hair brushes/spatulas/fire pokers and sing Goodbye Ruby Tuesday before they would leave.
I named my son Alexander (and he loves “his” special song).

Van Halen – For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge

I bought this record on the day of its release in Australia in 1991. I’d bought a lot of cassettes up until this point (as my family never owned a record player). Since then I’ve had to giveaway or sell most of my collection for different reasons but this one always remained. With the death of Eddie Van Halen last year this record now means much more.

Meddle – Pink Floyd

My father is an avid record collector and gave me a sealed first pressing of Pink Floyd’s Meddle. I’ve been so tempted to open it over the years, but for now I have to keep on my father’s legacy! It kind of feels like a bottle of whiskey at this point – the longer it’s aged, the better it will be when we finally listen to it. And I’ll be sure to listen to it with my dad before he goes anywhere.

Oktoberfest! – Will Glahé and his Orchestra. – 1970

For a while I had a strange obsession with collecting German beer Steins, I loved the intricate castings and characters on the sides. One day I was in a second hand vintage store and I found a great beer Stein. It belonged to the owner of the shops grandfather. Just as I was about to leave with my new purchase the store owner said wait “I’ve got something you should listen too whilst drinking from your new Stein”, handed me this vinyl. I stoped collecting Steins and have been collecting records since!

LED ZEPPELIN Led Zeppelin IV 1971

This is a 1971 LED ZEPPELIN Led Zeppelin IV (Rare 70s Taiwanese issue of the classic 1971 8-track LP). My father gave it to me on my 18th birthday and it has remained in my collection ever since!

1978 ABC playschool record

A friend of mine found this in an op shop he worked at – it was headed for the bin! He saved it for me knowing my love for all things old, and because I have two little kids now. The most amazing part is, there are so many songs on it from my childhood, that my 2 love now (even though they aren’t popular anymore). I can’t describe the excitement when we first gave the record a spin. It is now a treasure of mine that will go to my grandkids one day.

Golden Hour of Max Bygraves – Something Old Something New

I’ve been obsessed with records and record players my whole life.
When I was a toddler my parent’s had a record player housed in a mid-century modern teak coffee table. I had a habit of staring in wonder at how a black circle of plastic could make such sounds.
Seeing me in such a state, my Nana asked me if I’d like some records of my own to play… “Of course!” was my reply. I left the choice up to her.
My Nan came back with “Golden Hour of Max Bygraves – Something Old Something New” – my first ever album of my very own!!
I had no idea who Max Bygraves was, and didn’t really care – I loved the album to bits and it was cram packed with an amazing 24 tracks (12 a side!)
Even though my tastes have moved on considerably since those days I still like to listen to it and have fond memories listening to such classics as “When I’m Sixty Four” and “Little Green Apples” with my Nan smiling on.
I treasure it to this day!

The Specials – The Specials

Living in England 1979/80 I was only about 12. The first time I heard Gangsters by The Specials just blew me away and it was nothing else I’d heard on the radio. When their first album came out I had to get it. We didn’t get pocket money but did get dinner money about 50p. A friend bought me the record so I would pay him back using my dinner money and miss out on eating. It was well worth it though!