Oldest Record Competition Entries

Thank you for your entry!

Cream – Wheels of Fire

I was handed down a stack of records from my father-in-law, in amounts the collection, there were bunch of records from 60s-80s. This 1968 copy of Wheels of Fire by Cream, is in nearly mint condition, plays beautifully and inside the sleeve there is a time capsule of adverts for other band and artists releases of the time.

Charlie Parker The Verve Years 1950-51

I think have some older ones, but this is a pressing from 1976. Got it at a record fair in the Adelaide Hills a few years ago. I think it was at Aldgate. Not really a special story but I really enjoy the music that Charlie Parker made.

Mary Poppins Soundtrack

We were cleaning out my Great Grandpa’s house after his passing and found his old Philips Grand Record Player plugged into an outlet. So we turned it on and it just started playing the record on there (Mary Poppins). We had a good laugh about it with the removalists, playing the record through the day while moving. Moving to supercalifragilisticexpialidocious is suprisingly more fun than it sounds. When we got home we showed Mum and it was super sweet, apparently he bought the record for his granddaughters because he couldn’t afford a TV for them to watch Mary Poppins so he played them the soundtrack instead because he knew they loved the film.

Cowboy Classics – Sons of the Pioneers

A mate’s grandpa Neil passed away quite a few years ago. We were going through his shed looking at all of the old bits and pieces to clear it out, and came across his record collection. We asked my mate’s grandma about them and this one came with the story that Neil had been to America for work back in the 1950s (he was from England), and while he was there he saw the Sons of the Pioneers play a live show. He bought a vinyl at the show and brought it home to his wife as a gift! She said it had a lot of sentimental value to it, however insisted I keep the vinyl as she hasn’t listened to it in 20 years. Now it has sentimental value to me as well!

Abbey Road – The Beatles

My Dad’s original copy of Abbey Road. Sent to me from the UK. Still has the OG scribble marks on the sleeve from when I used it as a canvas for my artwork. I was only 3 and he still hasn’t forgiven me!

Chuck berry record

From the dusty old attic in my dads old record box. Such a great record an absolute classic.

Ernest Pike – Down in the Forest

I moved to the UK for a number of years and left my record collection with a friend to look after them. When I moved back to Australia I got the records back off him and this was amongst them. I have no idea where it came from but apparently it’s from 1924! Almost 100 years old! It still plays, although I’ve only been able to play it at 45 rpm as I don’t have a 78 rpm speed on my player.

1916 – Motörhead

My oldest record is also one of the more special within my collection. This record of Motörhead’s album 1916 was signed by the band and has been passed down from my Dad’s collection, now it holds a special place in my own growing collection.

The Misfits Static Age

While out walking around Brisbane I came across a record fair and couldn’t pass up on this bad boy.One of those ‘hybrid moments’ 😊

Midnight Oil – Places Without A Postcardd

I saw the Oils on TV and had to get the record straight away. I saved up my mowing money and went to Brash’s. The album got played a lot, but I had to wear headphones while using the family 3-in-one stereo because no one else in the family cared for the Oils. As you do, I went back and bought the early albums and then the new ones as they came out. That record really started a life-long love for the band and whenever I hear a song from ‘Places Without A Postcard’ it really takes me back to my youth.

Panama – van Halen

I was listening to the radio one time and my friend was skipping around the channels and we heard the solo just starting on hot for teacher and we both looked at each other and turned it up so loud my neighbours came to our door. The next day we combined our pocket money and went to the closest store that sold it and we’ve made it a tradition to play it whenever he’s over.

Nirvana Nevermind

I was getting into vinyl in Grade 9 and one of my friends knew this so they bought me my first vinyl. Its been about 5 years since I got it and I’ve not looked back since.