Oldest Record Competition Entries

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Ramones “End Of The Century”

This is the oldest record in my collection, and also the first record I’ve ever bought with my own money , back in 1981. My older cousin was into Ramones and he played me the tapes of their first and second album. I instantly fell in love with that buzzing but also very melodic sonic assault. From the money I got for my birthday, I went into the record store and there it was. EOC. Funny thing was that after i got back home I couldn’t even play it since our turntable wasn’t working. It took 10 years before I spun it first time. As you can see. I have had this for 40 years. It survived the big vinyl purge of late 80’s and its now the most sentimental piece of my record collection. I keep it in a pristine condition. Regards

This is an original 1977 copy of the Star Wars soundtrack, performed by the London Symphony Orchestra and conducted by John Williams himself. It was released when the original Star Wars movie first came out in cinemas, and my Dad picked up a copy having been blown away by both the film and the score. When I decided to go to a “Career Day” in Grade 1 dressed as Han Solo (because it was who I wanted to be when I grew up), Dad decided that this one was better left with me. It’s my most treasured possession and I’ll never, ever let go of this one!

The Stranglers – Live (X Cert)

I had this years ago as a kid, not long after it was released in 1979…but it was destroyed years ago in an unfortunate flooding incident. Not knowing this story, a co-worker bought this copy for me a few years ago as a gift for a work achievement. Reunited after 25 years!

Doors – L.A. Woman

Wandering around Hollywood, in the heat, in times when we could, I found a little record store tucked away in the hills. An eccentric store owner was more interested in my Australian accent than helping me look for wish-list records that are in always tucked my phone as a note. After resolving topics such as ‘how many deadly spiders do you actually see’ I showed him my ‘search list’. Bang – he produced LA Woman which was top of the list and been hunting for a decade. A souvenir from my first time in LA and one of my all time favourites album is also now my oldest.

An original 1967 UK pressing of Pink Floyd’s first single “Arnold Layne”

I purchased this single at a Camberwell Town Hall record fair back around 1990. It was only $10 as I suspect the seller didn’t know its importance. I was literally shaking with excitement when I found it! I’ve never seen another original UK pressing in person since. Granted it’s not in the greatest condition, covered in fine hairline scratches that don’t affect playback, and doesn’t have the correct dust jacket, but I cherish it nonetheless.

Dynamite 78

Buying from Plaza Records in Penrith NSW, just before Christmas time, so would have just turned 11, wanted this badly so my mother got it for me & got Darkness On The Edge Of Town for my older brother for his present.

The Band – The Band

This used to be my mother’s copy of The Band, which I consider to be one of the best albums of all time. I had such a strong connection to it that, when I decided that I would start my own collection I asked her if I could have it. She reluctantly agreed and this kick started my lifelong obsession with collecting records. I remember hearing it every Saturday morning when I was a kid, without fail, along with the best of Van Morrison (but I liked this better). This record is such an anchor to my childhood that, to this day, every time I hear the opening chords of Across the Great divide I get a wonderfully vivid picture of playing with my Star Wars figures in our family’s big brown beanbag, and the crackle of the vinyl reminds me of the rain on the old corrugated iron roof out the back of our house, which is decades gone now. So not only is this the oldest record in my collection but it’s still my favourite.

U2’s Pride EP

It was 1984, I was in year 7and my love for music was starting to turn away from the top 40 mainstream. At the time, I had a mate who owned U2’s Under a Blood Red Sky on VHS. I borrowed this and for a whole summer watched it every day! That Christmas, this same friend gave me a $5 gift voucher to a Record Store in Hornsby, a few suburbs up the train line. Off I went armed with $5 to spend and keen to buy a U2 “cassette”. The cassette was $12.99 and I didn’t have the budget to spend that much. Instead, I found their new EP, Pride in the bins for $4.99. So off I went home with my first record but with no record player to play it on. It didn’t matter as this began a love affair with music that is just as strong today!

fiddler on the roof

i found this in my attic its a classic and is a mastpiece of all time, its legendary and will go down as the number one classic of all time

ACDC Let there be rock (Australian Release)

we bought our house about 18 years ago,
one day after living in the house for about 5 years, at the very top of the bedroom cupboard laying flat we discovered “Let there be rock” we’d put stuff on it without realizing it was even there.
so immediately rushed out and bought a turntable.
So it came with the house, our record collection has grown quite a bit since then.

The Sugarhill Gang “8th Wonder”

I grew up hunting bargains from an early age with my mother in Op Shops all over the country,as I got older I stumbled upon a place called 78 records over in Perth,amongst others,but I bought this record recently atRocking Horse Records in Brisbane,the magic of combing through bins of gold is not lost on me,and my kids now join me on my travels.

AC/DC Back in Black

It was the first vinyl my dad got me, I was 7. That was the day my world changed. I have been a massive fan since.