Oldest Record Competition Entries

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Cream ‎– Wheels Of Fire 1968

I bought this record (second hand) with my pocket money, when I was a teenager in 1983. Back then, there were record stores in most suburbs, selling vinyl and cassette tapes only! Since then I’ve upgraded my equipment, probably time I got a clean pressing of this too!


I saw her play at howler in Melbourne, I had just moved here, had no friends and just had this amazing experience. I remember being so transfixed and after that I was hooked on live music. I purchased a record at her show and didn’t event have a record player at that point. I just loved seeing a woman on stage just not giving a shit about what anyone thought of her, honestly amazing.

Centipede – Septober Energy

Centipede – Septober Energy

Hey there,

So like a lot of vinyl collectors I’m a mad music lover of all genres, but my 74 year old mother takes the cake (I’m 45). Through possibly my incessant listening as a teenager my mother has become and is a crazy Pearl Jam fan. She loves Eddie.

Somehow many years ago we were talking about Pearl Jam and my new love The Mars Volta and I was trying to get her to listen to them but obviously mars volta was a bit much lol. Anyway, I then started telling her that she should try this band from her vintage (1971) called Centipede as it may be a bit easier to listen to.

Well she didn’t, but she went out and got me the original vinyl for Christmas instead! Best mum ever. And that, is the oldest vinyl record I own. It’s such a diverse and classic take on UK prog rock and it often gets a spin.. when I’m not listening to PJ or TMV!


The Dark Side of the Moon

My dad introduced me to Pink Floyd as a teenager when he took me to see Roger Waters tour The Wall.

Digging through his own record collection after the show, he kindly shared with me his 1973 pressing of The Dark Side of the Moon, an all time classic.

He found it at a market at a similar age as I was when he handed it down to me, and it still sounds as great today as it did back then.

Jump for Joy by Peggy Lee

This is not the “best” record I own by any means. It was given to me by my dad when I was still in my teens when mum was going through the family record collection with the intention of culling it. Dad liked Peggy Lee, mum didn’t, dad liked this album, mum didn’t, mum didn’t go near my record collection where dad’s records were part of the “family collection” (ie as approved by mum). Dad gave me this along with another couple that were vaguely jazz or swing. I still play it occasionally. Dad died six years ago, but this record remains a part of a musical connection I shared with him.

Lady Madonna

Lady Madonna (45) by The (fab4) Beatles. Purchased in 1968 in Australia (A-8293) from good ol’ Brashs.
At the time of purchase I was 15, came from a strict Catholic upbringing, and was going thru my coming-of-age, and ‘impressing’ girls was my fav pastime. I can clearly remember on that day I was lining up with many other avid Beatles fans to purchase their latest single, which I had heard on the radio multiple times and was enthralled by the rocking upbeat melody and unusual lyrics. I was hooked 100%. Whilst lining up there was a ‘cool’ young girl next to me also buying the same 45. I gave her a cheeky wink and one of my cool smiles. We were infatuated from that moment. Met up many times and had some fabulous dates together. Many long years later, I saw a catholic nun teaching music to a group of school-kids. I had to look twice, completely surprised, because it was the same girl from that time way back in Brashs. I was shocked and blown away, and thought to myself that I may have had a hand in her decision to become a Nun. Lady Madonna.

Brian May & The ABC Melbourne Show Band Hits of the 70’s

This record has been passed through the generations like a precious relic. This is evident by the photo showing how well looked after this record is. Brian May yet again assembles his infamous colour coordinated show bands, and asks you the $14.99 question (in todays adjusted price); why do you listen to the hits when you can listen to the Brian May infamous show band redo them??? You already know the answer!

Beatles – Abbey Road 1969

As we grow up, our taste in music change and evolve based on life experience and exposures. These days i am more likely to spin a Stone Sour or Five Finger Death Punch vinyl, but i respect where it all started! I was a youngen when my bad popped the “then” classics on his record player in the late 70’s and have fond memories of listening to this play on a Sunday morning while we were all pottering around the house. Abbey Road was on high rotation alongside Elvis, Cash and it ignited my love for music, and vinyl! So even though i like the heavier stuff i still drop one of these bad boys on on a Sunday morning and reflect on the time spent with my dad going through his records

The Who – My Generation

I discovered and purchased this album on Record Store Day a few years ago at Holy Vinyl, a local record store, that sells second hand records as well as new releases.