Oldest Record Competition Entries

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Early on in my collecting, I was digging in the $2 bin at beat disc in parramatta. I came across this gem and couldn’t believe my luck. I grabbed it straight away.
I don’t think I’ve found a better deal since.

The Art of the Prima Ballerina

Every Sunday morning our elderly German neighbour would play his classical records and German Oomph Music really loud. We always had a laugh but in general the music wasn’t to bad. There were times we would seem like we were in competition with each other. I’m sure he would have hated The Ramones, Placebo and the Lime Spiders. Unfortunately he got to the stage that he moved in with his Daughter. So I was taking the dog out for a walk on a Saturday afternoon just before it looked like it was going to pour. Out the front of his house in a pile of rubbish was his record collection. There were around 15 records all like the ones in the picture. Well…I couldn’t let them be thrown away there were to may enjoyable Sunday mornings. So grabbed them all and they now sit within our record collection. He and his wife were great neighbours often dropping German treats over. 🙂

Toto – Toto

Before i even owned a record player back in 2010 i found this at a garage sale for $2, My first toto song i ever heard was ‘Hold the line’ so i had to pick it up.
Its what got me to end up buying a record player and began my now 300+ vinyl collection.

Belafonte – The Midnight Special

This was originally my mothers which she has hung on for for years. My parents where having a garage sale and asked my what price they should put on their old record player and vinyl set.
My reply was simple, “They are too valuable to sell, i’ll happily take them and keep them in the family”. It has been a few years and i finally have time to try and restore her old player now.

Bob Dylan – Bob Dylan

Unfortunately can’t say this is a great story as I inherited this album and a number of other classics from a close friends father. I had not actually seen his collection and my friend delivered a cache of them to me. There was so much gold in the collection and I had the most interesting luck with his Bob Dylan selection. He provided me with Self Titled, The Times They are a Changin and Bringing it all Back Home. I already have 7 varied Dylan releases and these 3 neatly fit holes in my collection with perfection.

Bill Haley And His Comets – Let’s Rock

Bill Haley And His Comets

Label:Festival Records – XP45-931
Format:Vinyl, 7″, 45 RPM, EP, Mono
Released: 1956

One of my favourite old classics. I purchased this at an outdoor market place in Melbourne (Luna Park Melbourne) back in 2000. Very good memories when i was starting my Vinyl Journey. So cheap back then. I remember this day very well it was one of the coldest months in May. i could not feel my fingers.

Radio Birdman – Radios Appear – 1977 Trafalgar TRL-1001

This classic piece of Australian music history was released in July of 1977 and limited in pressing numbers to 3000 copies before being repressed in September of 1977 by WEA. It is a holy grail of Australian record collecting as it is such a worldwide influential album on the punk genre. Copies usually start at around $150 if you ever come across one in the wild.
I used to work on George Street at Town Hall in Sydney close to Red Eye Records. So one lunch break I’m digging through Red Eye when I came across my copy. It’s in the racks next to the recent repress from Citadel Records. The Citadel repress has a $45 price on it, while the Trafalgar copy has a $35 price on it. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I must have double checked the price a thousand times before taking it to the counter and hastily paying for it before anyone changed their minds about the price.
I was so excited when I got back to work, I had to double check the matrix online, as I still couldn’t believe what I had found and the price I just paid. The staff at Red Eye are massive record nerds too, they know the value and details of pressings for their second hand stock and have even released this record themselves on CD format on their label in the past so to this day I can’t make sense of why it was so cheap? I can only figure it was either a mistake or an easter egg for a nerd like me to find.

David Bowie – Station to Station

This is an original English pressing of Station To Station by David Bowie. When I travelled to Japan two years ago and I made a promise to myself that I would not buy a record unless I find a first pressing of STS, I walked through the doors of the first record store in Tokyo and the first thing I see is a this record on display in the front of the store and I knew I had to get it. Furthermore, Station to Station is my favourite album of all time.

Racey Smash n Grab

My Mum talked me out of buying AC/DC’s Back in Black because it only had 10 tracks on it, she suggested Racey’s Smash n Grab as it had 11 tracks. I was only a 9yo but still today think about the poor decision I made in the record bar at Myer. I do now have numerous copies of B in B now and still only 1 Racey Album which hasn’t been played since 1981…

All things must pass by George Harrison

This record was one of my fathers. I believe it is an original pressing and I found it when we were cleaning out my parents house as they downsized. It had been stored in a box for over 35 years.

Unfortunately we only have record 1 as the second has gone missing in the 50yrs since release. 😞 so might have to pick up a copy of the re-release shortly.

Fleetwood Mac Rumours

I was given this by my parents on my 14th Birthday and I still have it along with 500 plus other Vinyl’s my partner & I own. Our albums & Deck are housed in a cabinet he built from a wooden crate that new updated studio equipment was delivered in, to our local radio station.