Ocean Alley: Lonely Diamond – Live in Studio

Australian artists.

A laggard from June… this release is held over for Record Store Day 2 in July.

Lonely Diamond – Live in Studio takes listeners on a journey with a live studio recording of the band’s third full length album. Drawing from the nostalgia of music eras past, Lonely Diamond combines 70s guitar rock, country and western, old school funk and synth-heavy new wave to create a deeply contemplative and atmospheric odyssey.


Side A

  1. Dahlia (Live in Studio)
  2. Tombstone (Live in Studio)
  3. Way Down (Live in Studio)

Side B

  1. Infinity (Live in Studio)
  2. Up In There (Live in Studio)
  3. All Worn Out (Live in Studio)


Side C

  1. Stained Glass (Live in Studio)
  2. Lonely Diamond (Live in Studio)
  3. Wet Dreams (Live in Studio)

Side D

  1. Hot Chicken (Live in Studio)
  2. Puesta de Sol (Live in Studio)
  3. Luna (Live in Studio)

Clear with blue and green splatter. Double LP, gatefold.