Nat King Cole (Stardust/When I fall in love) 10″ shellac 78, from 1957

This Nat King Cole 1957 release of Stardust/When I fall in love on 10 inch shellac (78) had originally been my grandmother’s. She loved music, was widowed young, and did a wonderful job of instilling a love of music into her children, which has flowed down generationally. For the last two decades I’ve had her collection to care for, transporting it everywhere. However, I’ve only recently taken the time to start the process of cataloguing them all – and those of my father’s that I’ve ended up with. Whilst our tastes are (vastly) different, I love having these in my collection, and on display; and knowing a little bit about the history of them. It always brings a smile to my face thinking about members of my family in the 1950s huddled around listening to the “new releases” of the time, and that experience of hearing something for the first time. There’s a wonderful purity in that.