Moods in Song Nat King Cole

When I was 7years old my love of the top 40 singles chart really became an obsession. My parents started giving me “single” money each week to buy a 45 (7″) from the top 40. This continued for 10 years with collection growing to a healthy size covering 70’s and 80’s hits. Fast forward to the looming Covid-19 national lockdown and a search for a project to keep us busy. 3,000klm return dash from Cairns to Brisbane we picked up a jukebox from gumtree. I was wanting something I could easily play my collection with ease and to my surprise it came with 5,500 45’s thrown in. My wildest dreams of a full library of 7″ vinyl became a reality. I’m still on the hunt in op shops, fetes and garage sales for singles I don’t have to add to our library of 6,400 ranging from early 50’s through to early 90s. This Nat King Cole is one of the earliest in the collection. And as for keeping us busy during lockdown – it took 8 months to clean, catalog and arrange in shelving!