Lucky winner: Pro-Ject turntable competition!

What an amazingly weird place Australia is! So many weird records in your collections.  It was a relief to know that the winner would be a random pick, because it would have been so hard to decide.

And the winner is: MARK from Bedford, WA with this seriously weird record ….

Mark said: This is the weirdest record in my collection because it’s not a music album and also because it’s not very P.C.

It’s a wonder that such a thing was ever made. Mark wins the wonderful Pro-Ject Essential III  turntable in walnut.

Runners up, who win the SpinClean machines to keep their records in pristine condition, are:

Ben from Woolloongabba:

What is the weirdest record in my collection? For me it is Sword & Sworcery: LP Ballad of the Space Babies. Originally released on iOS devices in 2011, Sword and Sworcery EP was a sensory experience with gorgeous pixel art visuals and a stirring electronic soundtrack best experienced with a good set of headphones plugged into a very small electronic device played in a pitch black room. You’d never imagine a soundtrack like this to come from a folk musician, but it was composed by Jim Guthrie, a Canadian singer-songwriter also known for his folk/indie albums and composer for Indie Game: The Movie. The entire album is an oddball. It’s nothing you’d expect from a game played 10 years ago on an iPod. The beats are catchy and hypnotic, the synth feels modern but would fit perfectly 50 years ago, and the song names are odd to match (Doom Sock, The Prettiest Weed, Unknowable Geometry among some of them). By far the oddest record in my collection. I love it.

Basil from Perth:

Mystical Weapons–> Crotesque… Sean Lennon / Shahzad Ismaily / Greg Saunier / Martha Colburn. An amazing improvisation with outstanding musicianship – 16mm projector listed as an instrument – with an original artwork etched onto one-side of the LP by Sean Lennon. Limited edition of 1500 – all sold out. A weirdo classic!!

Congratulations to all!!