Lucio Battisti – Io Tu Noi Tutti (1977)

I don’t know how it happened, but the song “Amarsi un po'” by Lucio Battisti became the soundtrack for my wife and I’s roadtrip from Paris to Modena, Italy during the summer of 2017 for our honeymoon. It’s a beautiful song perfectly suited to driving through the Italian countryside on a hot day, and sings about the joys and challenges of loving someone.

Anyway, we get to Modena, and we’re walking around and find a flea market. Sure enough, in a crate under a small stall’s rickety trestle table, is a 1977 original pressing of Lucio Battisti – Io Tu Noi Tutti (opening track – “Amarsi un po'”!). I still have it today, and that song in particular always brings me back to our honeymoon and our trip to Modena.

The attached photo is taken moments after purchase (you can see the cobbles of the plaza where the flea market was, and the chintzy purple-striped plastic record bag underneath!)