This year, Record Store Day is socially distanced with two Drops set.. 12 June and 17 July.

12 June expect a Record Store Day Lite – limited edition records, deals and discounts, crate digging, live music… PLUS sanitiser, maybe appointments for morning visits, maybe one way systems with marshalls and definitely socially distanced queues and store max capacities. We still need to be careful. Expect a great day, but all a bit more gentle, as suits the times.

17 July expect a ‘dig for treasures day’ with limited edition records and deals and discounts, but with less of the live music and partying.

Check with your favourite stores what they plan to do to make it fun but keep us all safe.

And here are the lists!

Important things

  • CHECK THE DATES! There are two dates this year: 12 June and 17 July. Around two thirds of the releases are set for 12 June, but some will wait for 17 July. Check the release dates for the titles you have on your wish list.
  • The lists are pulled off the record companies trade order systems and dropped into Excel. This is not a happy match. Don’t try to print them out as they can go skewiff or are pages and pages long.
  • No, we can’t combine them into one list. Not unless someone wants to retype them. Due to the aforesaid tech issue, they won’t merge happily either. Yes, I know the UK and the US do this but they have a completely different process to us. They require artists to apply to be an official release. We don’t. We welcome everyone who wants to participate.
  • Yes we appreciate you’re worried you might not get the releases you want but being limited is the point of the exercise. It’s a treasure hunt! For fans and collectors!


Other Australian indie releases:

  • Ocean Alley – two releases: Lost Tropics and Lonely Diamond – Live in Studio¬† – RSD Drop on 12 June
  • X – Aspirations – limited edition of 300 copies on clear vinyl – RSD Drop 1 on 12 June
  • Kevin Carmody – Pillars of Society LP – limited edition of 300 copies on red vinyl – RSD Drop 1 on 12 June
  • Slowly Slowly – Chapter 2 – RSD Drop on 12 June.