Limited Edition Tom Iansek album for RSD

The global citizens who manage Pieater release records, manage bands and use the love of music to do good in the world. To keep the love-ball rolling into Record Store Day, they are releasing the very first (semi-secret) Tom Iansek album.

Back in 2009 Tom was learning the craft of writing songs and recording them himself. Armed with a 4 track mixer and one microphone, he wrote/produced/mixed under the moniker Small Time Hero “Top of the Tree” LP, to zero fanfare, zero acclaim, but for personal & artistic growth.

Now we all get a chance to hear where his musical journey began, before Big Scary and #1 Dads.

It’s limited to 500 12” Vinyl copies, so get in contact with your favourite record store to grab one on RSD before they’re snapped up.