Lady Madonna

Lady Madonna (45) by The (fab4) Beatles. Purchased in 1968 in Australia (A-8293) from good ol’ Brashs.
At the time of purchase I was 15, came from a strict Catholic upbringing, and was going thru my coming-of-age, and ‘impressing’ girls was my fav pastime. I can clearly remember on that day I was lining up with many other avid Beatles fans to purchase their latest single, which I had heard on the radio multiple times and was enthralled by the rocking upbeat melody and unusual lyrics. I was hooked 100%. Whilst lining up there was a ‘cool’ young girl next to me also buying the same 45. I gave her a cheeky wink and one of my cool smiles. We were infatuated from that moment. Met up many times and had some fabulous dates together. Many long years later, I saw a catholic nun teaching music to a group of school-kids. I had to look twice, completely surprised, because it was the same girl from that time way back in Brashs. I was shocked and blown away, and thought to myself that I may have had a hand in her decision to become a Nun. Lady Madonna.