Keith Moon – Moon the Loon

It was 2004 or 5 and i was about 18, in NZ, and really getting into music, mostly listening to music i had downloaded.  I was reading a book about Keith Moon, drummer from The Who called “Moon the Loon” and I really liked it. I wanted to read more so I searched on a website called Trademe and found a store selling his solo album for $5 so I got on a train to the other side of town and purchased it knowing my dad had an old record player in the garage. When I told my dad I got a record he told me there was no needle on his old technics, so I had to go back to the internet and find one, at the time internet shopping wasnt what it is today, i had to get it from overseas and it took weeks to arrive. Then the amp didnt work and I needed one, then finally when everything worked and i had played through my dads small collection, i needed more records.. my ordeal should have been a warning that it was going to be an expensive hobby.

I still have both the record and the book. It is known as an expensive album to produce at the time and terrible album but I dont mind it, Keith Moon is not a bad singer. It has many guest musicians listed as working on this such as Ringo Star and Harry Nilson. I dont think it has been rereleased on vinyl and it seems fairly uncommon downunder.