Inertia list: hmmm… nice!

Here’s the list from Inertia…. just over 80 titles and they’re pretty damn nice.  Al Green to the Unrighteous Brothers, plus Ultravox, The Doors, The Charlatans, Ramones ….Ravi Shankar, Erasure and much more.

If you want to add these to your collection, call your local indie store. They can’t pre-order for you or put it aside, but they can tell you if they’ve ordered it. Just bear in mind that ordering it and getting it are two different things.

AND remember we have a leftovers service immediately afterwards. Where the stores post to socials using #RSDAusleftovers so you can see what’s still around. It’s amazing where there has been a mismatch between a particular record and those looking to buy it.

Last updated 9.45am on 6 March 2020.