Hunting High And Low / The Early Alternate Mixes (Vinyl) (Record Store Day 2019) – A-HA

Alternate mixes of a-ha’s debut album “Hunting High and Low”, first released in the 30th Anniversary deluxe box set, in 2015. It will be the first time these demos appear on vinyl. Limited to 6000 copies worldwide.


  1. Take On Me (Video Version) [2015 Remastered]
  2. Train Of Thought (Early Mix) [2015 Remastered]
  3. Hunting High And Low (Early Mix) [2015 Remastered)
  4. The Blue Sky (Alternate Long Mix) [2015 Remastered]
  5. Living A Boy’s Adventure Tale (Early Mix) [2015 Remastered]
  6. The Sun Always Shines On T.V. (Alternate Early Mix) [2015 Remastered]
  7. And You Tell Me (Early Mix) [2015 Remastered]
  8. Love Is Reason (Early Mix) [2015 Remastered]
  9. Dream Myself Alive (Early “NYC” Mix) [2015 Remastered]
  10. Here I Stand And Face The Rain (Early Mix) [2015 Remastered].