Pronouns: He / Him

Tell us a little bit about Hugo Basclain? Take us back to the beginning of your musical journey?

The beginning of my musical journey started with just always being around music. My mum would always sing to us as kids so it was always something that was there for me. It really took form in highschool for me though. My highschool had a really great music program that really helped me pursue my love for music.

The title NOSTALGIA IS A LIAR definitely resonates with most of us, where did the inspiration come from?

Nostalgia Is A Liar came from a very raw and vulnerable place. Whenever I write I want it to be an extension of me and that was definitely the case with this record. The inspiration came from a bunch of stories and events that I felt like impacted me in a way that shaped who I am as an artist and person.

Do you have any writing highlights from creating the EP? What was it like working with Jerome Farrah and Ned Houston?

I think that in itself was a major highlight from the EP. Just being in the studio with guys on that level is indescribable. Those guys are just really good at creating an environment in the studio that feels safe and like you can be completely yourself and I think that’s always a recipe for something special.

Do you have any favourite memories writing these tracks?

I think creating One-Step was probably my favourite memory. Being with Mona is just always the best time. She’s insanely good at making you feel safe and like you can say anything you want and not be judged in the slightest.

Could you pick a favourite track on the EP? Which one and why?

Definitely. For me it’s always been Gimme That. I just loved that track from day one and the feeling when you first hear it start just always gets me. That’s the track I always felt like was the most me and I feel like it captures the emotions I was feeling at the time of writing it the best.

Your lyrics don’t shy away from hard truths, what are some of the best parts and hardest parts about writing so honestly?

I love writing in that way. I just think there’s certain emotions and feelings that you truly don’t understand or may not even feel like they were there until you start writing. I think there’s a lot of things I’ve learnt about myself not only as an artist but as a person during the writing process. It’s definitely a clique but music really is therapy. I haven’t found a downside to it yet but I’m sure that’ll come eventually.

The production on each track changes to fit the message, what is one word for each track to sum up the feelings?

Yeah, that’s always something I strive for in my music. I love all types of music and really love how different “genres” make you feel different things. One-step in one word would be lust, Gimme That would be love, Blue Skies would be trippy, 190 would be melancholy, Sober would be confusion and Drunk would be chaos.

‘Right Now’ was featured in SCREAM VI. Have you seen the movie? If so, what were the feelings that came with seeing the track in the film?

Yeah, that was definitely a big thing for me. I think it was just really cool to get that nod of approval from something as big as the Scream franchise and Paramount. Definitely a lot of pride and reassurance the project is reaching the right people and that people are enjoying what i’m creating.

What Australian artist have you been most inspired by? What album of theirs would you recommend to a new fan?

It’d have to be Eddie Benjamin for me. His music really is something else. I feel like he writes really honestly and raw and the blend of RnB and pop is something I can’t stop listening to and really take a lot of inspiration from. His ‘Emotional’ EP is a record I couldn’t put down for a very long time.

Do you have a favourite Record Store to go digging for records?

Yeah, I’ve always loved Hum On King in Newtown. Just a really cool store and there’s always really cool stuff going on down there so it’s always a lot of fun going in there.

Where can we find you for Record Store Day 2023?

I’ll be around celebrating the day for sure. It’s such an amazing thing to be a part of and I’m honoured to be among such amazing Australian talent.

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