Hard-Ons – Smell my finger

I have been collecting vinyl. Since 1992 my first year of high school. Also been listening to Sydney band the Hard-Ons. Since around the same time. I scored the first Hard-Ons album second hand on vinyl. At Dada records in Perth. Back in 1998 and have had it in my possession ever since. It still has the price tag on it of 17/09/1998 for a very cheap price of $2.00. My birthday is 14th September. So from memory it was a awesome birthday present to myself. Rob from Dada’s was looking at me weird that day when I went to pay. Because I had a big smile on my face. For finding this vinyl so cheap. This vinyl is still in very good condition. It has been looked after. I had a look on Discogs and this vinyl is selling between €30 to €40 Euro. So I think I got a bargain back in 1998.