Guns N Raoses – Appetite for Destruction

This was the first record I bought with my own money (not the oldest record I own but one that’s been with me the longest). I was 13 and I bought it from Dales Music, in Tenby, Wales, where I grew up. I love the fact that it’s got the original cover art (I got it early on its release). From that day on, I would go in Dales and ask Laurie Dale and Richie all sorts of music questions and bought all my vinyl there in those teenage years, before I left for University. Dales music has been operating in the town since the late 1940s, and Laurie has worked been there ever since he was a young boy, helping his dad. Now he owns it and is over 90 years old, still there, in the shop that’s almost 75 years old. Richie, the manager, is still there as well – unbelievable! It’s great knowing I bought from an independent retailer all those years ago, and they’re still there. The store features in the doco Last Shop Standing, and the book Vinyl Revival and the shops that made it happen. This record has travelled with me from Wales, to London, Madrid, and now Sydney. So many memories and stories when I pull this one out – plus, it’s one of the best debut records I own!