Golden Hour of Max Bygraves – Something Old Something New

I’ve been obsessed with records and record players my whole life.
When I was a toddler my parent’s had a record player housed in a mid-century modern teak coffee table. I had a habit of staring in wonder at how a black circle of plastic could make such sounds.
Seeing me in such a state, my Nana asked me if I’d like some records of my own to play… “Of course!” was my reply. I left the choice up to her.
My Nan came back with “Golden Hour of Max Bygraves – Something Old Something New” – my first ever album of my very own!!
I had no idea who Max Bygraves was, and didn’t really care – I loved the album to bits and it was cram packed with an amazing 24 tracks (12 a side!)
Even though my tastes have moved on considerably since those days I still like to listen to it and have fond memories listening to such classics as “When I’m Sixty Four” and “Little Green Apples” with my Nan smiling on.
I treasure it to this day!