George Sheppard talks indie record stores

George Sheppard


George Sheppard, co-founder of Sheppard, lead vocals, keyboard and piano and songwriter, is a big supporter of indie record stores. He said:

“Surely there’s nothing as iconic to the music industry as a vinyl disc. It represents a golden age of music when releasing an album was like putting together a comprehensive work of art. For fans, owning a diverse and thriving collection of unique and rare vinyl was (and still is) a fantastic way to express yourself through music. Nowadays we’re so saturated with easy-to-consume “digital” music, favouring the unceremonious process of “cherry picking” singles over committing to the work of art as a whole. As a result, the practise of consuming music seems to have lost the sense of magic and wonder that these old records used to bring us. There’s no substitute for walking into a record store to find that your favourite artist has just released a new album, or stumbling across that rare elusive gem you didn’t think existed anymore. It’s this sense of discovery that makes our record stores forever important to the music industry. We will ALWAYS need that. Music is a truly coveted art form and we should be appreciating it as such, so I’m encouraging everyone to visiting their local record store and start their collection this Record Store Day.”

Here’s their newest track Keep Me Crazy, in the same vein as Geronimo, it’s a catchy, bouncy, upbeat pop tune ….