Genesis Selling England by the Pound 1973

My oldest record is Selling England by the Pound from Genesis. My copy is the 1973 German pressing. This album is also the only surviving vinyl from my first record collection in the 1970-80’s. I sold all my vinyls in the 90’s when CD was all the rage. Now I’m buying most of them back!
For some reason I sold this Genesis album to a friend in the late 70’s as I was more into heavier rock back then. You know, the holy trinity of Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath.
A few years back I visited my old friend and he still had the Genesis record! He said that he still owed me some money for it. I had no recollection of the deal what so ever!
To my surprise he said that he’d give me the record to settle his 40 year debt. I was over the moon! You see, my father bought this record for me during our trip to Helsinki in 1973 so it has huge sentimental value as well. I was 13 back then, now 60.
So, SEBTP is my oldest record, and my most beloved one because it is the only one that I have now owned twice. It is also a lovely reminder of my father. I will never sell it again! /Kris