Gems from “The Maid of the Mountains” 1917

The record I am entering in the Yamaha Record Store Day competition was produced in 1917 by His Master’s Voice and is a collection of songs from the Light Opera Company. As the sticker on the label suggests it was bought from Eddy’s – a music store that was founded in Adelaide in 1924, at 12 and 244 Rundle St. Besides records, the store also sold gramaphones, wireless sets and their own ‘Eddyola’ brand radios and pianos. I don’t imagine too many record stores put their own ‘gold seal’ on records these days. It’s fun to see the ‘new models’ of gramophones on the cover too. I wonder how they operated with ‘no tone arm’?

This particular record along with many other 78’s belonged to my grandfather who would have been in his late 20’s when he bought it. I am going to give it to my oldest son who loves music and has a great record collection himself. Although this old 78 is not typical of the genre he would collect it’s nice to hand something down that has been in the family just shy of 100 years. Sadly its hard to find a record player that is capable of playing the old 78’s now, but it’s nice to think it might be played again one day.