Explosive Hits 1974

This is the record I have owned the longest (not the oldest record I own). It was the first record I bought, from Wests Soundbar in Westfields Burwood at the age of 7. I bought it as I loved Suzi Quatro (still do) and Devil Gate Drive was on the record. That song is associated with so many happy memories of dancing around with friends, doing our made up actions to the song. The record also introduced me to ZZ Top (La Grange) and Stevie Wright (Evie) and included Hooked on a Feeling, all songs/artists I still love. This record sparked a lifelong love of albums. I continue to purchase vinyl and CDs regularly and listen to whole albums in the order the artist intended even if I don’t like every song, and even if streaming. I still get a little shiver of excitement whenever I lower the needle onto a record. There’s nothing quite like it.