Donovans Barabajagal

IT was my 17th birthday the year 2017 (an outrageous year to be me). My Great aunty knew that I was heavily involved with kiss at the time ,so with love in her heart and money in the bank she decided to buy me my first Turntable and included with it the groupie fueled present of KISS, The Best Of The Solo Albums. The sex fueled charisma of this band was exactly what a hormonal teenager like me needed at that time. Thank you aunty Ella!!!!!!
This album introduced me to vinyl, which then led me to what I consider my first true album which came to me a year later. This album, the first album I purchased was Supertramp Breakfast In America the Master recording. Splendid, fantastic, surreal and true to my heart ohhh god what a treasure of sound. Right when I had finished school, moved out of home and started working it appeared to me. If there are gods than thank them from the bottom of my soul because it came at the right time.
But my oldest album, is Donovan’s Barabajagal. I Cant even begin with this one. Nuff Said!
So there they are. Oldest owned, oldest purchased, and oldest release.
Thank you and good night!!!!!