Do the Bartman – The Simpsons (1990)

I got this as a kid from a second hand sale before I even had a turntable. My mum had to spot me the money and it took a bit of convincing that the $10 investment was going to be worth it given we had no way of listening to the record at the time. We didn’t get a turntable for a few years after I got that first record, but I always had the record out on display because I thought it was so cool. I think the most surprising part is that when you spin the track and actually listen, the song is actually really good! Something I probably never would have realized without having owned it on vinyl, and definitely made me more mindful to pay attention to the scores and soundtracks. That initial $10 investment has grown into my vinyl collection which largely contains the music from my favourite shows (movies, tv shows, video games).