DJ Albo sends his regards for Record Store Day and has some words

DJ Albo, honorary ambassador for Record Store Day, is unable to join us this year. As you can imagine his day job as the Hon. Anthony Albanese MP (yes, the same one that has been a deputy prime minister) is keeping him a bit busy, but he sends his strong support and these words:

Independent record stores are vital to Australia’s musical culture and are part of the fabric of local communities. They create jobs, support local bands and provide a place where music lovers can engage with others who share their interests

For me, a record store is a like an oasis. It’s a place where you can get away from whatever else is going on for a while and lose yourself. Even when I don’t have a particular purchase in mind, there is always something in a record store that grabs my interest.

We hope he can find just a tiny space in his busy diary to drop into an indie record store on the day to find a few moments to spend with what he loves so much: music!