Deftones- White Pony

The record that started it all. The first of a now 280 odd record collection was purchased in the scarce dog days of vinyl, in 2001 at Skinny’s Records (R.I.P) in Brisbane.
I was 19 and a kid of the 90s with a burgeoning CD collection. I didn’t even have a record player but a mate of mine had one attached to his nice system and it sounded amazing, like it was being played right there in the room and you could feel the space between all the elements of the sound.
Many years later I’ve hunted records all over the country and across the world, in-store and online. My CD collecting ceased a long time ago, by my vinyl obsession endures.
The best always wins out I guess.
From a precocious collector with no player to now feeling old as dirt, coming full circle this year with the purchase of the 20th anniversary edition of the record that started it all.
Just need to find the time to listen to them all.