Dead Set by The Grateful Dead

I first heard this when I was 14 years old playing frisbee with my sister and brother in law. I just felt something from the music and just wanted to hear more. Pretty sure I bought it about a week after hearing some of it. It’s the only album that I have kept for 36 years. All the rest of my albums I’ve collected over the last 10 years, many of which I originally had many years ago. And this one always makes me smile every time I listen to it. Plus the artwork is the best! The front has the skeleton overlooking San Fran bay, and if you open it up another, back to back, is overlooking New York. (The album was recorded in New York and San Fran) Ended up seeing the Dead 40 or so times, but this is the best live Dead album ever. Whenever I spin it, it brings me back to that summer day throwing the frisbee around listening to some good old Grateful Dead.