Dancing Queen 7 inch Vinyl Single

When I was six I was given a small red record player and a 7 inch single of Dancing Queen in 1976. Little did Mum know I was gay or that ABBA would become a huge part of my life. I then got a new ABBA album every year at Christmas till they disbanded. In 2001 Mamma Mia the musical came to Melbourne and Bjorn was in town and being interviewed by FoxFM early one morning. I dragged a friend with a camera and we waited for him to arrive. I was 31, like a giddy child when he appeared and as he signed my original single and posed for a photo with me. It’s been framed ever since. I did fly to New York in 2010 for ABBAs Hall of Fame Induction and met Benny and Frida and they signed my Money Money Money Single.