Curtis Knight featuring Jimi Hendrix – Live At George’s Club 20

New York band leader Curtis Knight met Hendrix (then merely Jimmy James) in later 1965 and brought him into this band, The Lovelights. These raw recordings were laid down on Boxing Day 1965 and 22 January 1966 are of The Lovelights tearing through rock’n’roll, soul and blues songs of the day.

According to the review on the  Even in these recordings, Jimi’s personality, stagecraft and humor are evident throughout. More so was his burgeoning skill as a guitarist. Jimi wasn’t someone coming and learning on the gig. He was very seasoned. He had knowledge of all the hit songs. He had ‘em down. Ace Hall recollects. “Jimi was a leader. He would play out. A lot of guitar players are just card shufflers. Jimi was playing it loud. He made sure that everybody heard what he was doing. I have to give him that. He did it very well.”