Cream – Disraeli Gears

I discovered my mum’s collection of 60s-era 45s as a kid in the 90s. This started a lifelong obsession with the music and culture of the period and was coincidentally when I decided that I would definitely have to own a jukebox when I grew up.
I started scouring op-shops for second-hand singles (as well as groovy vintage clothing) and amassed quite a collection before I saw this glorious psychedelic cover art peaking out of a box of LPs. For some reason I wasn’t interested in albums at this stage, but I couldn’t resist this amazing work of art. I picked it up for a dollar, took it home, gave it a spin and my mind was blown!
From then on I was never able to walk past a box of LPs without grabbing a stack.
I still do not own that jukebox, but I do have a collection of albums that I cherish and a wide knowledge of music that I would never have discovered if it wasn’t for this album. It still gets played regularly and it still blows my mind.