Confidence Man – RE-TILT

Sugar Bones from Confidence Man
Pronouns: he/him
Role within Confidence Man: song and dance man

Take us back to the beginning, for those who haven’t heard your music before, what can they expect?
We make fun slutty dance pop for you and/or your mum.

Where did the inspiration and decision to create a remix EP come from? And why are you now pressing it to vinyl?
We really just wanted an excuse to get to know/annoy some of our favourite producers…

How did you select the tracks/remixes that made it onto the album? Do you have a favourite?
We were soooo lucky some of our faves were interested, so we kinda left it up to them to decide what they wanted to touch. We would’ve done the whole album but we ran out of money. One of my personal faves is Erol Alkan’s 000 mix, so dope.

TILT was recorded all together in your home, tell us a little about the process of making RETILT
The nice thing about a remix album is you’ve already done everything you need to do, just hassle your heroes til they do the rest.

One word to describe RETILT
hot hot HOT

Known for having a crowd captivating live show, tell us a little bit about it all, the costumes, the dances, the lot
We just want everyone that comes to a show to feel hot and cute and alive. We want them to come with us all the way through to the other side and forget about the boring stuff in their lives. Sexy costumes etc make this happen.

Do you choreograph all your synchronised dancing?
We have hired professionals once or twice for some small moments when we needed that extra spice. But mostly Janet will come to me with a stack of saved YouTube clips, we pick our favourite moves then we start piecing it all together. There is method in our madness and our chaos is organised.. kinda. Actually kinda not.

Where does the inspiration for the outfits designed by Janet Planet come from?
Janet’s mind is kinda like a paradox in an enigma, wrapped in a riddle locked deep within pandoras box. That’s about all I can say.

Favourite place to play?
Glasto 4 life

Any funny stories or mishaps?
Jack (from foals) and I were thrown down several flights of castle stairs once. To be honest it‘s kinda lucky neither of us is dead. I won’t go into too much detail but the moral is basically don’t f*ck with Corsican security they’re really mean!

Do you have a favourite store to go digging for records?
Skydiver in Melbourne is sick and everyone that works/hangs out there is super hot and sexy btw.

Where will we find you on Record Store Day 2023? Instore? Record store? Listening to records in peace?
We’re actually thinking about throwing a cheeky in store record day party with a good friend or two 😉 watch this space…

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