“Coffy” Composed and Performed by Roy Ayers

I was happy to find “Coffy” Composed and Performed by Roy Ayers which, is my oldest record awhile I was digging vinyls in Brunswick back in 2018. I saw the new record cover and instantly knew I had to purchase.
I took the “Coffy” record to my spot, opened the packaging and dropped the needle to hear music so so jazzy and sounded so nice that instantly I fall in love.

Later, that month I was surfing the web to see the living Legend Roy Ayers was booked to perform at Birds Basement and I knew I had to grab tickets to see this performance so, I did.
On the night of the performance, I arrived with my vinyl and their he was coming on stage and spoke “Hello” to everyone… followed by a smile and a sense of humour. I enjoy every bite of the show and the performance of his traveling band!

Afterward, I rushed over to speak with the drummer and asked if Roy can sign my record. He said: “yes” and took me to meet Roy. There he sat resting in the band’s room. He stood and shake my hand , sign my record and posed for a photo with me.

I thought Wow…what a Great Experience!