Closing Time – Tom Waits

On that fateful day I could hardly wait
To excitedly sift through the crates
Dusting off my corduroy jacket and favourite jeans
I headed to Guildford, after a cup of caffeine

Through the thrift shop I excitedly flicked
And when my record glistened, vice-like i gripped
Tom Waits’ underrated debut, Closing Time
This vinyl victory was now surely mine!

On each listen I always discover more
His iconic vibe, and instrumentation to explore
One whiskey voice, and stripped back style
Magical melodies that go for miles!

My 1998 thrift shop trip was largely unplanned
But to this day I’m a devoted Waits fan
Thanks to my instinct, and that Guildford stroll
I’m forever blessed to have Waits in my home!