Centipede – Septober Energy

Centipede – Septober Energy

Hey there,

So like a lot of vinyl collectors I’m a mad music lover of all genres, but my 74 year old mother takes the cake (I’m 45). Through possibly my incessant listening as a teenager my mother has become and is a crazy Pearl Jam fan. She loves Eddie.

Somehow many years ago we were talking about Pearl Jam and my new love The Mars Volta and I was trying to get her to listen to them but obviously mars volta was a bit much lol. Anyway, I then started telling her that she should try this band from her vintage (1971) called Centipede as it may be a bit easier to listen to.

Well she didn’t, but she went out and got me the original vinyl for Christmas instead! Best mum ever. And that, is the oldest vinyl record I own. It’s such a diverse and classic take on UK prog rock and it often gets a spin.. when I’m not listening to PJ or TMV!