Brian Eno with Kevin Shields

The Weight Of History / Only Once Away My Son

2-track double A side 12″. One track that was dropped online in
October 2017 as part of the Adult Swim singles club, and one unheard
“The unexpected, fully welcome, and deliriously successful pairing of
professional ex-glam sound genius Brian Eno and his new sidekick, My
Bloody Valentine noise sculptor Kevin Shields. Begging to be listened
to on noise-canceling headphones or very, very loud speakers, the duo
blast off with a drum track that is instantly, almost comically
subsumed into a nine-minute sound-cleanse of bells, drones, and a
soaring rocket flare that may be a guitar. Ambient but hardly static, its
tones and textures return throughout, as if tracing long and inaudibly
developing melodies. Not immediately identifiable as either Eno or
Shields’ work, a rich, enveloping piece of music” – Pitchfork.