Boz Scaggs featuring the brightest 80’s outfit ever!
After meeting my girlfriends parents a few years ago, her dad and I bonded over a shared love of music when I stepped into his man cave and saw his huge record collection!
He offered me whichever one I wanted as a gift. I remembered hearing this charming American crooner played at home as a kid, and my eye was immediately drawn to the ‘Promo – Not for Sale’ sign of this 1980’s record. After a cheeky peek online when I saw that on the one released to the general public he had NO sunglasses on, (see image attached) I was sold, and picked this special one to take home! The melodic music takes me back to happy times and his hits relax me every time I put them on. As Madonna would say : “Music, makes the people, come together…” And she was right. Magic memories!