Black Sabbath Volume 4

In year 9 or 10 ?.. Somewhere in the Nineties, I picked this epic slab of wax for 50 cents at a primary school fair in Western Victoria..
From that day a love for records was born! Digging through op shops, garage sales any ware that had an old crate of lps waiting for me to discover forgotten riffs. This addiction led to me doing my work experience at Corduroy records pressing records.
The habit is real.

I digress.. back to the epic Volume 4, This riff heavy monsterpeice has everything from driving riffs of “Supernaut” Blissed out instrumental cuts like “Laguna Sunrise” and moments of indulgence with “Snowblind” and “Changes”
I don’t know if I will every find such and influential lp for such a score ever again..
The search continues