Black Sabbath – Vol 4

When I was a young kid, my dad’s vinyl collection always drew me in. It was mostly classic rock, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Tangerine Dream. Those were the first bands I grew to love. I remember turning up to school on my first day and being the only kid whose favorite band was The Rolling Stones. I knew the collection was something precious, something that needed to be treated with care and respect, and that aura extended to the music. Every time you go to play Black Dog, there’s no knowing exactly when that drum is going to kick in; there’s mystery intrinsic to the experience. All that is to say, the classic rock sound holds a special place in my life. So when I went to start my own vinyl collection, one I hope to one day share with some younger family member, be they a child of my own or a niece or nephew, I knew the sound I wanted to hear. Vinyl plays a special place in my life. Every time I play a record, it’s a spiritual thing, a Black Sabbath.